Vision Fountain create new and progressive styles of educational story-telling.

We use advanced and experimental photographic techniques combining audio-visuals to create unique high quality digital display.  We teach and demonstrate photographic and videographic techniques that are used with-in our projects.

Projects engage with communities, educators and corporations that have outcomes that are often displayed in public places.

The “Energy+Notion” project engaged with mining communities, youth groups, schools as well as energy companies.  The project funded by Arts Council Wales featured in national and international media and is currently touring arts centres and cinemas in South Wales.

We have just completed a digital installation project in the upper Rhymney Valley with retired coal miners for the 50th anniversary of the closure of Elliot Colliery.  The project was commissioned by the Winding House Museum / The White Rose Resource Centre and Caerphilly Council.

We have piloted new audio-visual techniques in a classroom environment with Pantysgallog Primary School, Merthyr where the children were the creative practitioners, creating portraits,  animating stories as well as recording testimonies of their family’s heritage. The successful pilot led to Arts Council Wales funding the “Our Mountain” project that engages with two primary schools in the Rhondda using similar techniques.  The children will use photography, drawing and animation to create a film about their community whilst building upon specified curricula requirements.

Creative director Richard Jones is also working on a digital installation “Motor Mouths” in partnership with the British Motor Museum.

Vision Fountain is a Community Interest Company.