Vision Fountainhave partnered with Cyfarthfa Castle Museum and Gallery to create a unique opportunity for young people in the Merthyr are.

We will be working alongside four primary schools in the Merthyr area, Cyfarthfa, Edwardsville, Pant and Ynysowen, as well as two Scout groups. We will hold discussion groups and creative workshops with the children and their relatives, collecting audio and visual assets that will be woven into a community film.

The project  “Merthyr’s Black Gold” looks at the importance that coal played in the development of Merthyr Tydfil in Wales.  Merthyr is seen as one of the, if not the most important location,  for the industrial revolution, but the precious coal deposits are rarely mentioned.

This project will investigate the importance coal played.

The project will run until the Autumn when we will hold a community screening at Cyfarthfa Castle Museum.

The Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) and Ffos y – Fran Community Development Fund have kindly agreed to fund the exciting opportunity.