Museums & Exhibits

Vision Fountain partner with museums, galleries and artists to deliver innovative audio-visual projects and exhibits.

Vision Fountain have delivered projects for:

  • The British Motor Museum
  • Cyfarthfa Castle Musem and Art Gallery / National Lottery Heritage Fund
  • Arts Council Wales
  • Arts Council England
  • Winding House Musem
  • Ffotogallery

We work alongside partners to develop projects from inception and planning to the recording and creation of audio and visual assets, to editing and delivery.

Project examples: “The Car. The Future. Me” ,   “Motor Mouths”“Elliot’s 50th”“The Coal Face”“Merthyr’s Black Gold”,

We are keen to incorporate innovative modes of audio and visual interpretation. Visual techniques, in which we specialise, include; full 3-d portraiture, 2.5-d parallax portraiture, animation of archives, time-lapse, and traditional video.

Archive Image Animation

3-D Portraits – Photogrammetry

3-d Scans of Objects


As well as recording and editing interviews, Vision Fountain collect environmental sounds and work with audio artists to create immersive soundscapes.