Bernd and Hilla Becher: Industrial Visions, at the Museum of Wales’ main site in Cathays, Cardiff is an absolute treat and quite inspirational, for those interested in industrial heritage and photography.

The exhibition, co-curated by Russell Roberts, brings together 225 photographs of fast disappearing industrial buildings and appendages; winding wheels, water towers, grain silos, washeries, gasometer tanks.

Especially pertinant to Wales are the wonderful array of winding wheels. There are many taken in 1966, in Wales, when the couple, stationed themselves in a capsite.

There are arrays of Welsh winding wheels and washeries, alongside, winding wheels from Germany, France, Scotland and the USA.

Compare the Welsh winding wheels to the winding wheels of Germany that have quadruple wheels and the rickety head gear taken in North America in the ’70’s

The repetetive displays in black and white work beautifully, and match the Becher’s formulated methodoly of taking their large format images from similar angles and at similar lighting conditions.

Be quick as it closes 01Mrach 2020.

Winding wheels, S Wales
Winding wheels, Germany
Winding wheels, PA, USA