Vision Fountain are thrilled to be sanning several items for a “virtual cabinet” for Nantgarw China Works.

Nantgarw China Works is the only surviving early 19th century porcelain works in the United Kingdom. In the years 1813-1814 and again in the period 1817-1820 the finest porcelain in the world was produced there in Wales by William Billingsley, one of the most remarkable porcelain painters and manufacturers of his time.

Vision Fountain staff are starting to scan some of the more common and the robust items in their collection at our photogrammetry studio in Cardidff.

We are currently scanning some of the surviving clay pipes. The pipes were common before the manufacture of cigarettes and relatively easy (compared to porcelain) to mass produce.

Despite their relatively crude manufacture, some have beatuful patters and include inscriptions.

A clay pipe c1870 manufactured at Nantgarw China Works. From the Nantgarw China Works collection.