Vision Fountain recently had the pleasure of taking Oculus Quest 2 virtual reality head-sets for some Young Carers to try. Young carers are people less than 18 years old who provide care, on an unpaid basis, for another person. Generally a relative. There are approximately 800,000 young carers in the UK – which tranlates as around 1 in 6 children that identify as having caring responsibility.

YMCA staff at Ely Youth Centre test virtual reality (VR) experience before the Young Carers are given a chance to experience VR.

The YMCA have set-up a series youth clubs to give these young people a place to rest, relax and talk. The YMCA aim to empower, support and make a difference to the lives of these young people.

We took our Virtual reality experiences to YMCA clubs in the Ely and and City Road areas of Cardiff last week to see if the young people were interested in virtual reality (VR) experiences. We demonstrated the VR Fossil Room and the VR Drift Mine that we have created. We were delighted with the enthusiasm the young people showed. We are also interested in learn that several of the young people were interested in learning more about the the technology behind the VR. Our biggest “take-away” from our visits to the Young Career’s youth clubs was the vital work that the staff at YMCA are doing. – ends