Very pleased with the quality of captures possible using an Iphone and the Polycam APP. We made captures in several museums, using natural light. We mostly had 360°access to all of the sculptures. We used an Iphone that took 100’s of photos rather than lidar.

Bronze portrait sculpture of Oladah Equiano (African Slave, Author, Abolitionist) by Christy Symington MRBS, 2007, on display in the National slavery Museum in Liverpool. Capture by Vision Fountain.
“Motherless” by George Lawson, Kelingrove Mueum and Art Gallery, Glasgow. the plater sculpture dates ro about 1989. the girl’s mother died in childbirth or a Victorian epidemic leaving her father to look after her. Capture by Vision Fountain.
Gravestone of Flavius Lucianus that lies in line with the Antione Wall in Scotland. The stone is part of the “The Antonine Wall: Rome’s Final Frontier” exhibition in the Huntarian Museum in the University of Glasgow. Capture by Vision Fountain.
James Watt. Statue in the Huntarian Museum, Glasgow. Capture by Vision Fountain.