Virtual photography offers the opportunity for the public to look at museums and public spaces with full 360º orientation and for remote interactive digital engagment with a portion of a museum’s cultural collection.

Virtual Collections & Virtual Tours

Photogrammetry can be used to bring a museums collection closer to the audience. The audience can move items through 360º of orientation and zoom into study the details.

The 3-d scans can be converted to video or uploaded to interactive 3-d modelling platforms.

These examples were scanned in our portable 3-d scanning studio on location where we were able to access the museums’s collections.

The model below from llandaff Cathedral is made from converting several hundred 2d images to a 3-d model

using photogrammetry. The technique can be applied to construct models of buildings, interiors and exteriors.

The technology is used in gaming, architecture, engineering and “ortho” mapping, using drones.

Camera positions for Welsh Dragon scan (below)

Virtual Tours

Virtual tours offer the opportunity for the public to engage with museums and galleries.

A virtual tour will never reaplce a physical visit it does offer the ability for those momentarily unable to vist to have a preview of the site itself and to hold and study and move, virtually, some items from the collection

Click on image below for a virtual tour of Castell Coch

Click on image for Virtual tour