Storytelling and Interpretation

Vision Fountain partner with museums, galleries, community groups, developers and artists to deliver innovative and immersive audio-visual projects and interpretation.

The stories are achieved by immersing ourselves in the history and communities of their origin.  We have 25 years of award winning photo-journalistic and investigative experience behind us to tease-out the stories that matter to the public.  Working alongside local communities, and local museums and using the most advanced technology we deliver story-telling in a new and exciting way that resonates.

Projects aim to re-inforce the importance of place, local culture,  heritage and the arts, through creative workshops.

We are currently working alongside Rhondda Heritage Park and The Museum of Wales (Waterfront) delivering Last Voices of The Rhondda / Kings of The Underground exhibits.  The project records oral testimonies and 3D portraits of Welsh miners.  Outreach introduces local heritage to young learners via advanced 3D gaming technology and the arts.  The digital assets will be stored in the national archive.

Vision Fountain have delivered projects with partners including:

We are keen to incorporate innovative modes of audio-visual interpretation, including;  Virtual Reality (VR), full 3D photography, 360°image / video,  time-lapse , video, recorded voice and soundscape.

We able to create and place 3D models within VR (virtual reality) settings that we create.

Oral History

The back-bone of our projects involve recording oral histories of the communities with whom we engage.

The glue that holds many projects together are oral history and interviews.

As well as recording and editing oral histories, Vision Fountain collect environmental sounds and work with audio artists and musicians to create immersive soundscapes.