3D Models

3D modelling and the creation of digital twins can bring a museum’s collection closer to the audience, allowing in-depth and remote digital engagement and learning.

The technology we use is identical to that used in on-line gaming and 3D design. It has applictions with-in a variety of teaching settings. Can be applied to objects, monuments, buildings and environments.

We create models in our studio & on location.

See Our Sketch fab page

3D portraits of Welsh miners created in photogrammetry studio, mixed with voice recording. The installation commissioned by Diffussion Photo Festival / Arts Council Wales. ©R.Jones/VisionFountain

Skara Brae, Orkneys, Scotland by Vision Fountain on Sketchfab

Virtual Reality (VR)

We are able to create VR experiences (used within VR head-sets) from existing environments and to build novel environments.

Below is a model of an Iron Age Scottish Broch (castle) photographed on site and convereted in the studio from a 3D model to a VR experience (uploaded to Oculus Quest head-set)

This model was created on site with digital additions additions of objects, a dome and soundscape, then converted for VR