Vision Fountain work with 3D models and virtual reality (VR) for projects and workshops. We use gaming technology, that young people are familar with, to act as a pathway to culture, heritage and the arts.

Virtual Reality (VR)

Pwll Back Cwm Rhondda is an interactive coal mine.

The Welsh mine consists of: a valley vista, a lamp room, and an outside courtyard area. The drift mine itself consists of over 200 meters of tunnels, which includes an interactive coalface, two horse stables, and five short educational films.

It is the first educational virtual reality mining experience in the U.K.

Below is a model of an Iron Age Scottish Broch (castle) photographed on site and convereted in the studio from a 3D model to a VR experience (uploaded to Oculus Quest head-set)

This model was created on site with digital additions additions of objects, a dome and soundscape, then converted for VR

3D Model

3D modelling and the creation of digital twins can bring a museum’s collection closer to the audience, allowing in-depth and remote digital engagement and learning.

The technology we use is identical to that used in on-line gaming and 3D design. It has applictions with-in a variety of teaching settings. Can be applied to objects, monuments, buildings and environments.

We create models in our studio & on location.

See Our Sketch fab page

3D portraits of Welsh miners created in photogrammetry studio, mixed with voice recording. This installation commissioned by Ffotogallery for Diffussion Photo Festival with Arts Council Wales funing with soundscape by Audio Artist John Rea ©R.P.Jones-VisionFountain Soundscape©John Rea