Information about “UnTold Stories of Global Welsh Heritage”

We will preserve preserve and share Welsh global heritage in a digital, audio and visual format.

The project will engage with a wide range of people living in Wales of global heritage and tell their stories, related to place, food, festival, clothing and faith, in multi-media formats (print, sound, video and virtual reaity).

Project related exhibitions will take place at Welsh Senedd (May / July 2025) and pop-up exhibitions will tour public venues through 2025.

The project is produced by Vision Fountain CIC and supported by a group of stakeholders including Heritage Fund, Welsh Senedd, NIAM (Now in a Minute Media), Rhondda Heritage Services, ACE Cardiff, YMCA (Young Carers), several primary schools and additional learning needs (ALN) schools.

Community groups are added as the project gathers momentum.

As well as generating conversations and understanding regarding Wales’ global heritage via arts and digital engagement, a key part of the project is contributing the national digital archive.

What is the purpose of the project?

  • To raise awareness regarding the importance of global communities in forming and shaping Wales’ (and the UK’s) heritage. 
  • To introduce young learners (and others) to global culture via digital technology and presentation.
  • To create project exhibitions and generate conversation.
  • To contribute to the national digital archive.

Why have you been chosen?

Your story and your cultural heritage is an important part of the Welsh Global Heritage story. Your story and culture will make an important contribution to the project.

What would you be asked to do if you take part?

If you decide to take part you will be invited to take part in an interview that will last around an hour and be audio-recorded.

We will also take a portrait, 3D portrait or a video portrait. We are also interested to learn about other aspects of your culture and national heritage, such as; food, dress, objects, ceremony, festivals.

We may digitize items in photos (and 3D) for preservation or to make part of a virtual reality experience.

The interview is informal. It is an opportunity for you to share your story. The interview is flexible and you are free to discuss what you consider to be relevant, especially with regard to your heritage and your place in Wales. There is no “right” or “wrong”. We are want to hear your story.

You will be asked to sign a “permissions” form that enables us to use you voice, likeness, photos, and objects.

Where will the recording / photographs be conducted?

Interviews will be conducted at a time and place convenient to you. This could be a museum, a community centre or a library or in your own home or shop, if you prefer.

What happens to the data (your story) collected?

We will create public exhibitions in a variety of formats. Exhibitions will take in the Senedd and other locations across Wales.  

We will create project related social media and other media for publicity and promotion.

Your image may also be used as the basis for artwork that children produce.

With your signed permission, your recorded interview will become part of the National Digital Archive where it will be preserved as a permanent resource for use in research, education, broadcasting and the internet.   We may use the story for future projects that we undertake.

Your personal data will not be shared and will stored in line with GDPR regulations.

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